Top 7 Biggest Online Casino Wins in History

The Tequila Bookworm jackpot-winning opportunities on progressive slot machines and lotteries are infinitesimal compared to the 1 in 50 million chance you have of taking home life changing sum from any lottery game. But this hasn’t stopped players who have won millions within minutes or seconds! To prove our point about how lucky we’ve been as winners; let’s take a look at some huge winnings across Canada & worldwide thanks for online casino betting success stories.

1 — $23.6 Million on Absolootely Mad Mega Moolah

2 — $21 Million on Mega Fortune

One of the biggest jackpots ever to grace at an Wildz online casino was won by a player who tried his luck at Microgamings Mad Mega Moolah progressive slots release. He became famous in April 2021, when he wagered on Napoleon Games’ website and won life-changing money – several times over! The Belgian installation had been playing Alice In Wonderland-themed games since it first came out, but this win makes him even more, the richest man than before, raising awareness about these magical destinations available through video lottery providers worldwide wide web.

The Absolootely Mad Mega Moolah slot has a 5-reel format and offers players 243 ways to win. If you decide that this promising title is for you, note how it works on all devices with small minimum wagers; rolling reels means consecutive Multipliers if luck’s been kinder than usual!

Million-dollar winnings don’t come around too often. It should also go without saying that not every online casino is suitable for every player. We will supply you with the information you require to make the decisions that are best for you, based on what you want to get out of your experience gambling online.

Because of the in-depth research that we have conducted on the topic, you can have full faith in the suggestions on this best online casinos rundown that we provide. We are confident that you will be able to locate a gambling website that caters to your individual preferences, regardless of the games or features of gambling websites that are most important to you.

2 — $21 Million on Mega Fortune

When this man won big on the NetEnt slot game “Mega Fortune,” his first reaction was laughter and tears. He had never felt so lucky in all of his life before that moment! The winner played at PAF Online Casino in Scandinavia when he stumbled across a winning streak with 25 paylines available only through Canadian Casinos sites.

2 — $21 Million on Mega Fortune

3 — $19.9 Million on Mega Moolah

Jonathan Heywood is one of the most famous gamblers in UK history. His 8-figure win at Betway Casino wasn’t enough to keep this 26-year-old soldier down, though, as he soon announced plans for an even more luxurious lifestyle with his newfound wealth! The Cheshire resident says that after considering all options available – including replacing his fiat punto princess with something newer or differently styled – “a yellow Bently continental gt seemed like perfection”.

When he won the mega jackpot, Heywood’s first reaction was to seek medical attention for his sick father. He soon realized that this would not be an easy task as it requires a lot of money which is why after winning $70 million in prizes over time from Microgaming games like Mega Moolah!

4 — $17.3 Million on Arabian Nights

The Norwegian online gambler who won $2 million playing NetEnt’s Arabian Nights progressive slots release in 2011 would have never imagined that this life-changing win could happen to him. At the time, he was playing at Betsson, and no one expected such an unheard-of jackpot from such a popular game as the 2010s’. A Norwegian man tried his luck with an older version of “Arabs honour,” which turned out very well – he ended up winning 2 million dollars!

5 — $15.9 Million on Mega Fortune

The Norwegian student studying in the town of Hordaland had a lucky night when he won 10GBP from online gambling. After spending his credits on Bettson’s no-deposit free spins online casino bonus, which offered him an incredible prize pool if he managed to win again after losing some funds earlier – this guy decided it was time for some Mega Fortune fun!

The Norwegian was playing at 0.50 cents a spin, and it wasn’t until his 11th turn that he became an €11 million winner! He said the only thing on his mind when winning was how much money this would make him – which is why you can hear your voice recorder fading in during our interview with just one word: “wow.” It took some time for me to calm down after hearing those words come out of their mouth because there’s a no better feeling than being able-bodied enough or rich enough.

6 — $11.68 Million on Mega Moolah

When Canadian player Marcus Goodwin was spending time spinning the Mega Moolah progressive slot on his phone, he had never gambled before. After playing for about two hours with small bets worth $1 500+, something unbelievable happened–his screen revealed that 11 million dollars would be awarded to him! The man later admitted how shocked and lucky he felt during this extraordinary moment in which luck seemed ready at hand, just waiting patiently until taken by an enterprising individual.

7 — $11.6 Million on Mega Moolah

When D.P., a woman going by the title’ D,’ signed up to Tequila Bookworm to gamble online on her iPad back in 2016, she had no idea that would be how big of an impact it would have on her life-altering win! Little did this casual gambler know, after just depositing 1 dollar at Zodiac Casino’s famous Mega Moolah progressive slot machine with plans only remembered too well when she became $11 million richer because there are always people who want more than what they’ve got – like yourself maybe? This inspirational story was turned into both print publication as well audiobook so everyone can learn.

Final Thoughts

The internet is filled with people who think they have luck on their side. They’re wrong! The truth of the matter, whether you like it or not (and I know some folks don’t), certain realities affect everyone equally – no one gets ahead simply because they were born into wealth and privilege; all our actions do make a difference even if at times we can’t see them happening in real time, but what about those occasions where somebody does find themself amidst incredible fortune? Wouldn’t these lucky ones likely keep themselves humble enough to avoid becoming boastful and egotistical towards other casino goers?