Quickspin has created a game that will keep you entranced all day with its soothing soundtrack and 96% RTP rate. If mobile compatibility is what’s got your blood pumping, this might be just the thing as it comes equipped with bonus features like Wild Multipliers or ReSpin mode! You can also take advantage of free spins when playing on any device if there are enough credits left over after shopping runs have been spent–and who doesn’t love getting some extra playtime in without spending anything additional?

Respin Feature

Quickspin’s dedication to the visual and auditory experience is evident in their game design. The four different characters all have unique appearances, which can be customized with jewelry or clothing items earned through gameplay for an extra layer of flair; not only do these visuals look good, but they also provide a sense that anything could happen at any time!

The game has an exotic and glamorous theme that distinguishes it from other card games. The visuals are designed to give you all sorts of exciting features, such as being able replacement symbols for regular playing cards!

How to Play the Wild Chase

In this game, by Quickspin software provider, the characters are high-paying symbols, while luxury items provide a low payout. The male leader with short hair costs 50 coins and awards 40 to the redhead girl counterpart, who also offers 30 for the dark-haired woman’s participation in their adventures abroad! On average, each character will award about 20 or so from earnings made during gameplay though it varies depending on what kind of gear they have equipped respectively, which means you cannot count solely upon these gains if your hopes aren’t rooted deep enough.

The bag of diamonds, 24 coins, a supercar key and an amazing watch. The ring is also valuable at 20 dollars, but what makes this haul worth mentioning are those stacked reels where you can get multiples for your money!

Respin Feature

You can stake within the betting range of 0.25 to 100 with 25 paylines, and these are fixed on top, so left-to-right pays more than rightmost Pairwise positions will do in most cases– although there is one exception when an image displays itself at every other position while playing for higher stakes! You also have autoplay enabled which sets spins manually from 10 – 1000 or by pressing buttons 1 through 9 respectively (or Enter). The maximum risk allowed per round/hand varies depending upon how much money has been staked, but if players want complete control over their destiny, they must take responsibility themselves rather than rely too heavily upon luck.

Winning and Wild Symbols

The bonus features are the backbone of Quickspin’s games, and they’re all here for your convenience. You can boost wins with these in-game tweaks to maximize gains!

Respin Feature

The Respin feature is activated when you get a winning combination in the base game or during the free spins round. During this time, all symbols will be frozen and awarded one spin on top of any other wins they might have given back earlier before beginning again with another respin if your lucky day allows more than one additional wild card symbol through its network links- meaning an even higher payout! Here’s how much each marker stands: 1 Star = 5 Credits; 2nd Class Petrol Sticker= 3 looseners + 1st class gas stamp 10clusively available for users who sign up via our website.

  • One Wild =2x all wins
  • Two Wilds=3x all wins
  • Three wilds= 4x all wins
  • Four or more Wilds=5x all wins

Free Spins

The Multipliers are triggered when you land three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, and if they’re awarded during the respin round, we give ten free spins. Better yet? We’ll provide at least one multiplier wild symbol each time for maximum victory!

The Wild Chase slot has a minimum betting amount of 0.25 and maximum bets that can be placed up to 100 coins per spin! This means it’s perfect for both smaller players who want an easy game with small stakes as well as those looking at higher returns on their wagers; such is the case where you’re willing to put more money into one line–in this scenario, your stake would allow 43 times what was originally placed (or £4).

Mobile Wild Chase

Wild Chase is a game that can be played on the go, and it has all of its features, including graphics as good or better than if you were playing locally. The compatibility with any mobile device means no matter what type of phone/tablet your using, there will always Be room in WildChase!

Final Word

Wild Chase is designed to be a high-voltage slot machine with an RTP of 96.77%. The 5 reel, 25 payline array provides players with enough opportunities for betting while offering them the chance at big wins thanks not only through its numerous wilds but also by using Respin, where additional symbols appear upon each spin, giving you another opportunity to increase your bankroll!